Truman Capote Writing tips

Since each story presents its own technical problems, obviously one
can't generalize about them on a two-times-two-equals-four basis.
Finding the right form for your story is simply to realize the most natural
way of telling the story. The test of whether or not a writer has
defined the natural shape of his story is just this: After reading it,
can you imagine it differently, or does it silence your imagination and
seem to you absolute and final? As an orange is final. As an orange is
something nature has made just right.

Cada cuento tiene su propio problema técnico, claro, uno no puede generalizar en un plis plas.
Encontrar la forma correcta, le mot juste, es encontrar la forma mas natural, del mismo modo que cuando dios creo una naranja, que le gustó tanto que la reprodujo hasta el hartazgo, dando a pensar que Platon tenía razón.