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Mostrando las entradas de julio, 2009

The last photogram

Dilapidation processes are organized yieldings.
Emily Dickinson, 997

Luisa Gonzalez

“ The windowpanes shatters and an angel with splintered wings appears. He remains weightless for a while, and then he rises up gazing at the small town, its walls, further on from the castle, made of mist and snow. The mountains and the smoking volcano lay far away. A murky ocean surrounds everything. There’s a fire far, far away.
Slowly he descends
When the militia chased me away from everywhere, I was outcast to my brother’s chemists’ shop. One day Mario Cicarrelli turned up at the shop, a Canon perfume representative, before that, a university professor.
There’s Mario Ciccarelli, from Canon – I told my brother Roberto , who was snooping from the laboratory back room.
Roberto came up to the counter to greet the ex professor and ex journalist. They chatted for a while about politics in a casual way while Ciccarelly sharpened his pencil to take note of the order.
Roberto remin…