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Mostrando las entradas de febrero, 2009

Van Helsing

Not to be noticed, that’s the motto in Transylvania, the Count’s eternal sleep must not be disturbed, nobody knows for sure whether he’s dead or alive. But everyone knows about stonings and impalements.
In the town’s inn, a stranger walks inside the gloomy hall, people whisper and take furtive glances at that man in a jacket and a tie carrying a briefcase, ¿what is he carrying there? they mutter.
A girl whose blue eyes gleam in the darkness of the hall takes his command. After soup and a vine that has made him giddy, she takes him to a room and fiercely makes love to him. Van Helsing has never had it so good. He feels his body rested from his weariness, he feels weightless, as if floating, restored from the brutish two week’s journey.
At dawn his briefcase has disappeared and he notices his image is not returned by the mirror.
Raul Lilloy Traducido por Luisa González de Castejón

Cockroaches : big footed monsters

Raul Lilloy Traducido por Luisa González de Castejón

The cockroach is a beast million years older than man. Because of hidden reasons, they decided not to mutate. They live in holes, caves and crevices near sources of warmth; kitchens, boilers and stoves, even in our soft warm beds.
Zoologists have not been able to find out why they got themselves exiled from outdoor life in woods and meadows to dwell our foreboding homes. Danger has only increased since devastating insecticides were invented after II World War.
Nevertheless, cockroaches have continued to stay in gutters, cesspits, sweet smelling kitchens; anywhere their youngsters con be fermented by heat. Blatella Germanica and Orientalis are the most common western varieties. The first one is small with blond back and a swift stride, their females are very fertile and have short reproductive cycles, this allows them to swarm rapidly, covering every inch of the house. The Blatta Orientalis, black, bigger and less fertile, needs to …

pension para escritores discapacitados

A mi como escritor me daría vergüenza recibir una pension por ser escritor, esa batuta es llevada por Ana Quiroga en su blog, pero que cosa más berreta e indigna, ¿no te da vergüenza andar con esa solicitada?, la mala vida del escritor es parte de su destino, hay que tener cojones para aguantársela, estamos en contra del puto sistema sea el que sea y a vos se te ocurre irle hacer sexo oral al sistema para que te tire unas mierdas de migajas, dejate de joder. Afanale el dinero al sistema, crackealo, conseguite una pension trucha, pero eso de ir como un pelotudo, como un discapacitado escritor, me da asco. Como en tu blog no das posibilidad de opinar a todos esos gilipollas o pelotudos que firmaron lo hago con mi blog.

Los firmantes:
Viviana Abnur, Alvaro Abós, Cecilia Absatz, Jorge Accame, Danilo Albero, Liliana Aleman, Cristian Aliaga, Liliana Allami, Susana Allori, Stella Alvarado, Pablo Ananía, María Teresa Andruetto, Norberto Antonio, Olga Appiani, Mónica Aramendi, Graciela Aráoz, Su…

Pajaros isla Mojacar